Elderly Care From the Heart

Elderly Care From the Heart

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Client overview:  Back in Jul 2019, Mdm Karen contacted us through a friend’s recommendation. During our initial meet-up at our office, she shared that she was looking for a replacement Burmese foreign domestic helper to look after her elderly in-laws, Mr and Mrs Goh who were in their mid 70s-80s. Both elderly were mobile and led active lifestyles but they were generally weak and required someone to attend to their monitoring of medication and movements. We also understood that Karen was the sole-breadwinner living together with her in-laws and son in a 4-room HDB flat in Sengkang.

Client’s needs: She was looking for someone dedicated, willing to learn (especially basic conversational Mandarin) and preferably older than her current helper whom she felt was not mature enough and willing to commit on a long term basis. They could offer a maximum of 1 rest day a month.

Our assessment: After assessing their needs and overall financial situation, our team recommended that they considered interviewing candidates who are first-timers  preferably in the mid 30s-40 max and single. The salary cost outlay per month would be capped at $520+ (including off days compensation). Attitude wise, first-timers are also generally very willing to learn, open to feedback and are clearer of their priorities i.e. to save money for their own or family’s future.

(Left: Myo Min showcasing her handmade egg sandwich)

Our match: Myo Min’s CV was the first we shared with Karen prior to the video interview. During the interview, it was evident there were some language barriers but overall, Karen felt there was a good chemistry between them and genuinely felt Myo Min’s eagerness to work and kind-heartedness.  Karen assured that as long as she is willing to learn, the family will be patient and guiding towards her. She eventually hired Myo Min and trusted us to do the rest.








(Left: Mr Goh and Myo Min during CNY 2020)

Case update: As at May 2020, we observed that Myo Min has formed a close and strong bond with the elderly in-laws. During a casual follow-up with Karen, she shared that Myo Min has been a great help to the family. Although Myo Min can be quite forgetful on some daily tasks, she showed Karen that she puts in the effort to not repeat the same mistakes by taking notes.








We are grateful towards Karen and her family for trusting the team at Spring Helper to find a caregiving solution they needed.








At Spring Helper, we believe in providing quality and personal placement services for your loved ones. We understand every family’s case and needs are unique. As such, our team follow a systematic process to conduct our job matching to reduce any potential mismatch risks in the future. Let us help you in your caregiver/domestic helper search, contact us for a non-obligatory consultation today!