Video: How To Use The Lift & Escalator

Video: How To Use The Lift & Escalator

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Do you know that about 70% of escalator-related incidents in recent years involved seniors aged above 60? In recent months, reports of children getting hurt while on escalators have also been on the rise. Stand near any elevator—whether it’s located in a hospital or shopping mall —and you’ll notice a common trend: People jostling their way into it, using their hands to negotiate the door or, in the case of older adults, having their walkers or canes get stuck as the elevator doors close, resulting in frequent injuries.

In this video, our trainer illustrates the safe way of using elevators and escalators in Singapore.

Useful Prevention Tips:

  • Be alert!
  • Remind children on the safety practices associated with operating and using elevators & escalators
  • Use different tile colours or objects to call attention to the alignment of elevator cars and adjacent floor surfaces
  • Always support an elderly/child by holding his/her hand

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